Zodiac: Taurus

as result the Taurus is slow to anger, but watch out if you do anger one of them. Taurus is generally one of the most loyal, trustworthy signs of the zodiac, but if you cross one, you`re very likely to get the horns.

Wow so true

of these are so true for me. I'm waiting for the one that says "the only way a Taurus feels understood is if they post a ton of things about a Taurus" :-)

I'm Taurus

No matter how calm a Taurus is, never underestimate the Beast that is hidden under the surface. A bull with the strength of a Lion. Hear Me Roar!

Taurus- very true

This is accurate, ppl think they know me but reality the real me behind the outgoing girl is a black sheep with feelings of chaos


I want something, and I will, no matter how long it takes, I'll be patient but I will get it one day


I'm watching how ur kids act. I'm watching how u interact with ur kids and ur spouse.