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All things Cherokee

I'm very proud of my heritage

We were all immigrants

Brenda Schad is an All Native American model. Schad is of Choctaw & Cherokee descent. She also founded the Native American Children’s Fund in Oklahoma

I am very proud of my heritage!

This is a picture of a chief of the Cherokees. The Cherokee Indians believe in head rights. "According to Mama, if you're one-eighth or more they let you in. She called this our head rights." (pg. 14)

Cherokee matrilineal kinship system. A child is related to his mother, and through her to his brothers and sisters. He is also related to his mother’s brothers, sisters and mother. A child is not related to his father. The important male relative in a child’s life is his mother’s brother. White men who married Cherokee women were shocked to find that they were not considered to be related to their own children, and that mothers, had control over the children not them. She was head of the family.

cher-okee in indian country

I dont really get it either


Cherokee saying



Cherokee Syllabary

The Cherokee Clans.

Cherokee brother and sister - 1939

American Indian Proverb