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All things Cherokee

I'm very proud of my heritage

All things Cherokee

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Full blooded cherokee indian Louisa Catherine Deason.

Cherokee Indians Trail Of Tears | Trail of Tears Monument | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ayâsta, one of three Cherokee storytellers interviewed extensively by James Mooney between 1887 and 1890 for this collection. “She was the only woman privileged to speak in council among the East Cherokee.”

The Man Who Married The Thunder's Sister - Appalachian History

One of my Cherokee great grandmothers on her 104th birthday. She was left behind while the rest of her family walked on the Trail of Tears. Her name is listed only as Maiden on census rolls.

An Online Guide to Trace Your American Indian Roots. We hope this guide will help you get started.

Cherokee Nation History Site - Official

Cherokee eagle feather wand, circa. 1930s, by Will West Long. Bald-eagle feathers mounted on a sourwood frame; used in the Eagle Dance .

Cherokee Indian

Southern Cherokee Delegation to Washington - 1866 L-R: John Rollin Ridge, Saladin Watie, Richard Fields, Elias Cornelius Boudinot Jr., William Penn Adair - Cherokee

Cherokee Indian Junaluska, credited with saving Andrew Jackson's life, then sent on the Trail of Tears 25 years later.

Cherokee Warrior Junaluska Died

Ballerina Maria Tallchief as the Firebird. Ms Tallchief died April 11, 2013, at the age of 88. She was an internationally acclaimed ballerina and a trailblazer for Native American dancers.

Maria Tallchief in The Firebird

Mary Elizabeth Kelly from Blackshear, Georgia - Cherokee - circa 1930

I smudge, when I feel like my home, or spirit has been soiled by anger, strife, or negative energy. I smudge with sage, and sweetgrass. We were taught that it was good to burn sweetgrass after the sage, had driven out the bad influences. Sweetgrass brings in the good spirits and the good influences. I like to sing the Cherokee morning prayer, but you could say whatever prayer you are comfortable with while you work.

How To Use A Smudge Stick

Cherokee Indian Tribe | | Native American | Cherokee Indians | Cherokee Indian | Cherokee ...


SUNDAY | The Indian Removal Act


Native American – Amazing Grace in Cherokee…Beautiful! « David-Michael Harding

Native American - Amazing Grace in Cherokee...Beautiful!

How Cherokee stone crosses came to be - Appalachian History

How Cherokee stone crosses came to be - Appalachian History

Burial mound at the Sequoyah Museum, where 191 burials uncovered in the Tellico Archaeological Project were reinterred.

Chota (Cherokee town) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Trailer] The Cherokee Word for Water This looks like a really good movie!!! The Cherokee Word for Water is a feature-length motion picture that tells the story of the work that led Wilma Mankiller to become the first modern female Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

[Trailer] The Cherokee Word for Water

▶ Stomp Dance Cherokee sacred spirit - YouTube

Where Nancy Ward became War woman and earned the honored title of Gi-Ga-hou.

Cultural Pluralism Timeline

Last Beloved Woman of the Cherokees, Nancy Ward. Her husband was killed in a raid on the Creeks during the 1755 battle of Taliwa, where she fought by her husband's side, chewing the lead bullets for his rifle to make them more deadly. When he fell in battle, she sprang up from behind a log and rallied the Cherokee warriors to fight harder. Taking up a rifle, she led a charge that unnerved the Creeks and brought victory to the Cherokees.

Walela- the Cherokee word for Hummingbird...Love their music