Interior Architecture Symposium / AKU

New Brand Identity for SISU by AKU — BP&O

Poster with fluorescent card detail for Interior Architecture Symposium designed…

Maeven / Lotta Nieminen

Every creative businessman needs a creative business card, here's 55 business card designs for you to take inspiration from.

The Halcyon / SomeOne

SomeOne created the name, strategy, language, digital and multiple BrandWorlds for The Halcyon.

The Chain Reaction Project / Bravo Company

New Logo for The Chain Reaction Project by Bravo - BP&O

The Chain Reaction Project business card that turns into other business cards: chain reaction style.

28 HongKong Street / Manic Design

28 HongKong Street

We put together an extensive collection of print, packaging and identity work for 28 HongKong Street. With it's award-winning barman and contemporary social food, 28 HongKong Street has all the right ingredients for a fine night out.