victoria l outerbridge

victoria l outerbridge

victoria l outerbridge
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New Horizons:: Spend Next New Year's Eve with New Horizons

New Horizons:: Spend Next New Year's Eve with New Horizons

Planetary Society (@exploreplanets) | Twitter

Remember that alien megastructure star? A new study shows that it's probably just dust, not aliens.

Planetary Society (@exploreplanets) | Twitter

Planetary Society (@exploreplanets) | Twitter

NASA's flying observatory SOFIA to explore magnetic universe and beyond

Flying Observatory SOFIA to Explore Magnetic Universe and Beyond

Dwarf galaxy Kiso 5639

In this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, a firestorm of star birth is lighting up one end of the dwarf galaxy Kiso

NASA mission uncovers a dance of electrons in space

You can't see them, but swarms of electrons are buzzing through the magnetic environment—the magnetosphere—around Earth. The electrons spiral and dive around the planet in a complex dance dictated by the magnetic and .

NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission locates elusive electron act

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Locates Elusive Electron Act

Magnetic fields discovered in two hot evolved stars

Astronomers have presented the initial results of the Large Impact of Magnetic Fields on the Evolution of Hot Stars (LIFE) project. Among determining fundamental parameters of 15 stars, they found that two of them have magnetic .

Filament points to Milky Way black hole | Space | EarthSky

Scientists discover a filamentary structure about light years long that may originate from our Milky Way galaxy's central black hole, Sagittarius A*!

Tides, and the pull of the moon and sun

Syzygy: three astronomical objects in a (nearly) straight line, such as when the Earth, moon and sun align at new moon. The new moon on January 1 gives us the closest new moon of to bring about what astronomers call a perigean spring tide.

Are December's solstice and January's perihelion related? | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

December solstice 2016 was December Earth is closest to the sun for 2017 on January Coincidence?

The formation of the heaviest elements

The rapid neutron-capture process needed to build up many of the elements heavier than iron seems to take place primarily in neutron-star mergers, not supernova explosions.