I never really knew what it was like to drink a beer with a best friend, until you and I drank beer together!
Spilling a full beer... A sad moment in everyone's life. Only topped by someone spilling beer on you that you can't do anything about
Hilarious flip flops for the beach. Great for Gifts! Put them in a pale filled with beach stuff (towels, sunglasses, beach glasses, etc)
I try to explain this to my boyfriend all the time....
Drinking beer is a great way to finish off the day!
Happiness at the bottom of a beer. www.playtikitoss.com #mellowmilitia #quote #beer #backyard #games
As a porter girl myself, this is the only "light beer" I'm a fan of :).
Beer Bottle Chandelier
Denver Broncos beer mug.

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This beer poster is also public domain royalty free and would be interesting in a collage style animation.  File:Beer.Styles.jpg
What does your #beer say about you? I like bock http://thesocialconnection.com/ http://santaconroyaloak.com/
Fight Zombies
Foodz and beerz
There is so much more to life than Coors Light people!!! Put it down and get something with taste- see above!!:
Shout out to Jay Z
Will have to try gouda with a stout...  www.LiquorList.com  "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste" @LiquorListcom   #LiquorList
I think this is from The Bible. If not it should be in there!