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How the Daguerreotype was invented

Photography had a long history, since artists used the camera obscura for their drawings, until the French scientists Louis Daguerre and Niepce were able to

The Pithaya Flower

One of my favor treats when I go to Colombia is the fragrant pithaya, also known as dragon fruit. It is the fruit of a cactus species with yellow skin, and

Colombia Tropical Flowers

My Travel Journal: Tropical Flowers

The Garden Little Treasures

The gardens and forests in tropical gardens hide the most beautiful little treasures

Guatape Colombia

The little Town of Guatapé in Colombia was just a small village founded in and since then, its economy was based to a large extent on agriculture, mining,

Salento Colombia

Taking the road! Wow, I was waiting for this trip to Salento for a long time. Colombia is such a diverse Country, and even though I grew up there, every time I

Who invented photography?

Boulevard du Temple, 8 in the Morning, Louis DeGuerre. A man and a bootblack in lower left are the first humans ever photographed.

The first photographers

Once photography was established as a new science, many people embraced it with passion.

The History of Photography during the 19th Century

During the twentieth Century, photography reached perfection, photographers discover a new techniques, and ways to express themselves with this new media.

Ancient art can be an inspiration for the Photographers mind

Ancient art can be an inspiration for the Photographers mind

The camera obscura was used by painters since the Renaissance

Once the Renaissance painters released themselves from learning the principles of perspective and anatomy, painters has the freedom to express their emotions.

Fall Foliage Photography, Nature photography, autumn Victoria Restrepo photography,  Sandstone Falls, West Virginia

Sandstone Falls, West Virginia, I never heard of them until I was researching my trip, and I immediately fell in love with them.