Moonfall: Tales from the Levant

Characters and Places from Moonfall: Tales from the Levant. What happened behind the walls during Jericho's infamous destruction? Twins Rachav and Zaron navigate forbidden love, sibling rivalry, and a wise woman's curse in a realm dominated by night gods and a charismatic ruler's craving for power and indulgence. Follow their stories at
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Pudu, Rachav's little sister, is taken captive to the Moon Temple and tormented by the Queen of Night until Rachav rescues her.

I need a better title for this book. I've only got about ten chapters left until I'm done and I'm so so happy but I reaching the saddest part where I have to kill my favourite character .

Samar, Rachav's best friend in my novel Moonfall. While Rachav is recovering her health with Salma and his family, Samar's parents are seized by the king and sold as slaves. She moves to Nuzi's house and falls in love with him.

From Audrey Hepburn to Penelope Cruz, here are 32 women who embody the beauty of life on the dark side. Being a dark Brunette myself, I lean toward beauty in natural Brunettes too, Penelope is so gorgeous.

Queen of the Night at the Moon Temple in Yericho. Young girls serve as her priestesses.

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Salma falls in love with Rachav even though his family doesn't trust her.

Theo Theodoridis: The Classic Greek! A little wild, but underneath all that hair is a yummy face Me:[Melt! He has been officially added to my inspiration for my WIP character;