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I love the see-through butterflies and moths. (Octauius Swordtail)    (Lepidoptera, Riodinidae, Chorinea octauius)

Swordtail Butterfly from Argentina (Octauius Swordtail) (Lepidoptera, Riodinidae, Chorinea octauius)


Pink/Black Butterfly - Photo by Richard Verdegaal. could so see this worked into a tat on a back or sholder


Butterfly Amazing Insect

Borboleta/ Never have seen such a beautiful butterfly as this, the colors are amazing as is the design, God is great


Colors are all around us! Check out some of the photos we have chosen to show the beauty of the different colors!

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I ❤ butterflies . Classic Black White still wins in my book. love this Butterfly's wing pattern. New inspirations.

Green Rays Red Spotted Butterfly

Green Rays Red Spotted Butterfly - lyropteryx apollonia this is super pretty!

Beautiful aqua moth with gold and white markings ... would you believe that there are habits that make you two times - or even five times - or even TEN times more successful and happy in your relationship? Discover more at

Kind of an odd place for this pin but the colors in this moth are so beautiful and would make a nice color theme. Beautiful aqua moth with gold and white markings

Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) moth from South America. Photo by Sergio Moscato

Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) moth from South America / Butterfly / Kelebekler

Atlas moth by Supervliegzus, via Flickr

Attacus atlas Insect The Atlas moth is a large saturniid moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, and is common across the Malay archipelago. by Eva

gorgeous luna moth....I know it says, moth, but I'm sticking it with my butterflies...they're all related.'s too beautiful not to pin!

& want to love this world like it& the last chance I& ever going to get to be alive and know it.& ~ Mary Oliver Avon has awesome color to match those of mother nature: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly, Luna Moth, Beautiful Spring, Flutt