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21 Day Fix Free Printable Toolkit

21 Day Fix Printable Tools: measurement tracker, meal planner, and container cheat sheet. her toolkit is easy to use.


Free, Sports Ecard: I ate healthy and excercised today. I better fucken wake up skinny.

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5 Flat Belly Foods Just In Time For Summer

21 Day Fix portion control containers from Beachbody. Learn how to use the color-coded containers and calculate your caloric need. -- you don't need to buy these specific containers or count calories to use this concept for portion control!

My boyfriend and I mainly want to lose weight so here is my place for putting the following Healthy food recipes Drink recipes Workout regiments of ALL sorts Thoughts on workout classes Sport recommendations Lifestyle changes

Spring Workout Plan

runDisney Jeff Galloway Run/Walk Ratios. This guy's plans are awesome and work!!

The Galloway Run/Walk/Run Method

I love this method…I've only had one injury since starting this method…and the injury that I sustained was when I deviated from my run/walk intervals. :) runDisney Jeff Galloway Run/Walk Ratios. This guy's plans are awesome and work!

Get stronger and tone up without having to go to the gym more than twice a week with this 2 day full body gym workout for women.

2 days of Logan in school is a perfect time for the gym! Mommy bod is getting back to 24 yr old mommy bod!

Our Mermaid Princess on a Sea Green Hoodie. They came out with a mermaid one! This brand has running tops because of their Disney inspired line.

5 exercise machines to avoid...but more importantly: the better versions to work the same muscles!

Train Better: 10 Exercise Machines to Avoid

Train Better: 10 Exercise Machines to Avoid Exercise machines aren't always effective—or even safe. Avoid these machines the next time you hit the gym. We've even got all-star alternatives to help you train smarter (interesting read and good to know!