Nostalgic Glassware

If you're like us, you simply can't resist pretty glassware and love how it adds a timeless look and feel to a table setting, occasional table, or kitchen counter. With every season, you’ll find an ever-growing variety of drinking glasses, cake pedestals, candy dishes, serving dishes, and more—all in gorgeous colors and styles, from Depression-era hobnail to jadeite and original-mold reproductions from Mosser Glass—to add to your collection and make your home sparkle.
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The Original Kilner Drink Dispenser: Made of glass so it won’t stain or absorb odors, it features a quick-pour spigot on the side, a decorative embossed design, and a clip top with an airtight rubber seal to keep your favorite beverage fresh and flavorful.

Kilner Glass Drink Dispenser | Party Beverage Jar

Aluminum Cups

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Collectible Hobnail Tumblers and Goblets, Handmade From American-Pressed Glass

Classic Hobnail Glassware Goblet |Collectible Unique Drinkware

The Original, Extra-Durable Bounce Tumblers From Libbey

Libbey Bounce Glassware | Classic Tumblers By Libbey

Pyrex: So practical and in so many pretty colors and patterns.

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Nostalgic Pink Dot Glasses: You'll smile every time you look at them. Visit our store in Weston, Vermont and bring a few home with you.

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The Vermont Country Store

Mosser Eyewinker Vanity Jar: Raised up on 4 scrolled legs, this 5" Mosser jar is perfect for your bathroom’s vanity as it’s well-suited for holding everything from cotton swabs to cotton balls.

Mosser Eyewinker Vanity Jar | Glass Bathroom Canister

Mosser Eyewinker Vanity Vase: Handmade by Mosser using an original L. G. Wright mold from 1937, this enchanting vanity vase boasts an opulent eyewinker pattern. The vase, raised up on 4 scrolled legs, is perfect for your bathroom’s vanity as it’s well-suited for holding your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Mosser Eyewinker Vanity Vase | Glass Bathroom Vase

Hen on a Nest: The first Hen on a Nest was manufactured by Indiana Glass Company in 1907.

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The Vermont Country Store

Georgia-Pattern Mosser Glassware: Each thick, durable piece is made using original molds and features a classic "thumbprint" design for easy handling. We’re offering this Mosser glassware in three deeply vibrant colors—cobalt blue, emerald green, and ruby red. Red glass is a bit trickier to make than the blue or green as is contains a rare element, selenium, which accounts for its rich ruby color and slightly higher price.

Mosser Glass | Georgia Pattern

A great glassware find: Collectible McCoy glassware duck planter set.

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Once found in every kitchen across America: Pyrex fridgies and S&P shakers.

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Depression glassware in a delicate pink shade.

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Handmade Mosser Night-Light Lamp blends beauty with function.

Mosser Night Light Lamp | Hand painted Floral Bedside Lamp

Mosser Dahlia Glassware captures the essence of the season.

Mosser Glass Dahlia Tumbler | Vintage Floral Glassware by Mosser

Recently we came across these collector-worthy glass hobnail tumblers made by the Smith Glass Company, which has been crafting handmade, American-pressed glass outside of Pittsburgh, PA, since 1907.

Classic Hobnail Glassware Goblet |Collectible Unique Drinkware

Vintage Swanky Swig Kitchen glasses, orginally filled with Kraft Cheese spread

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A lovely collection of vintage glassware

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Mosser Salt & Pepper Shakers

Mosser Georgia-Pattern Salt & Pepper Shakers

Nice vintage china... we want, we want, we want!

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Vintage Clare Sugar & Creamer

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Fine Etched-Crystal Sugar & Creamer Set, Crafted In Centuries-Old Irish Tradition

Crystal Sugar and Creamer Set

Aqua crest Fenton Hobnail Vase 2 nice pieces of Fenton art glass beautiful - etsy Vintagetoygal $35

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Vintage pink pyrex bowls

ciao! newport beach: pink perfection for spring

Vintage Cranberry Stained Victorian Water Set with floral decoration. Made late 1800’s to Early 1900’s.

Vintage Cranberry Stained, Victorian Water Set with Floral Decoration