Apothecary to go...love it!!

lunaghoststar: “ Mahogany medicine chest, England, 1801 The mahogany medicine chest contains boxes, bottles and tubes of medications to treat a number of conditions. The chest includes treatments to purge the body by vomiting (emetics), by sweating.

samurai armor

Samurai Armor - Tokugawa Ieyasu - was the last feudal warlord, he began the peace for Japan for 260 years. Known as a intellectual samurai with persistent ploy. this armour has enspired me to createa good design for my piece

Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell playing cricket. As you do.

Strangely Intriguing Photos of Famous Authors Playing Sports

Sisters Virginia Stephen (Woolf) and Vanessa Stephen (Bell), uncredited photo -

In honor of National Women's Day 2012.  Thank you!

10 Things That Have Changed Since 1791

I think every woman who is against feminism shouldn't vote. Because it is thanks to feminism women can vote today. At the time the photo was taken, feminists were called suffragettes.

While not technically 'history,' this is just too awesome!

Not a movie - but so what?History starts always with Robert Downey JR, Alan Rickman and Bill Murray. Ok for Dumbledore (or should I say Magneto) and Jean Luc. But why Frodo?

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