CS 560: #3 Jewelry or Watches - Final

Targeted towards brides and brides-to-be, Tacori is best known for their engagement and bridal jewelry. Their campaign is clean, crisp, and perfect for those special moments that you want to be when Tacori is involved. "Iconic Passions" also infuses the elevated love that women desiring these beautiful pieces. Fascinating, intriguing, and somewhat provocative, Tacori has succeeded in making us look again while keeping all clean and classy.
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Simply Captivating... "capture your love"..."playfully provocative"... "playfully provocative"

Aim for the heart. "In this striking tribute to Cupid, a dramatic golden arrow delivers sparkling treasures from the Simply Tacori Collection, as well as the mythic message of true love."

Kiss Me. Tempt me... Following the martini: "A quartet of temptation with a sensual twist to the sophistication of modern cocktail glamour."... Women (and some men) have been obsessive about their looks and makeup for ages.

Nawaem.Feb09... Saudi Arabia magazine featuring the same ad campaign with the same imagery and message as the United States version.

TACORI Engagement Rings for Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store - Orange County Billboard by Robbins Brothers, via Flickr

Koehn & Koehn: Rock Your World... Online contest

Jones & Son Diamond & Bridal Fine Jewelry Little Rock, Arkansas - Jeweler w/ diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry repair, and watch repair

Fine Jewelry by Mikimoto, Judith Ripka, John Hardy, Scott Kay, Tacori, Roberto Coin & more!... Banner on retailers website landing page.

Honey Print... ‘Blooming Beauty’: the sweet nature of love’s nectar, this visual charmingly sends the request of “Honey, do you…?"


Behold, The Apple!... Paralleling fashions hottest color at the time, green is one of the dominant colors.

Tacori "Check Mate" commercial..."a striking visual metaphor of the passion of conquest — highlighting the stunning Tacori “Dantela Collection” engagement rings."

Tacori "Cupid's Arrow" commercial... "the mythic message of true love."... A metaphor for the engagement ring. This is "a romantic personification of Tacori’s “Golden Arrow” print ".

"All In"... The "All in," part of the Iconic Passion campaign. There's seems to be an interesting metaphor in this shot. The blue poker chips stacked can be seen as an analogy for wedding because wedding is an once-in-a-life-time big deal - you have to go "All in." When you combine the letter T engraved on the chips with the color of the chip, which is 'royal blue,' you get Royal-T (royalty).

Tacori billboard