New Year's Resolutions Foldable - Great activity to use before or after winter break to discuss goal setting with students! 3 versions of the foldable included, along with a short writing prompt, and bookmarks!

New Year's Resolutions 2017 Foldable

A new year (or a new school year) is a great time to turn over a new leaf, try new things, and end bad habits. Right around winter break (or at the beginning

FREE text structures anchor chart

Text Structures Anchor Chart

Anchors Away Monday {9.8.2014} Context Clues (FREEBIE included!) by Crafting Connections!

High group Anchors Away Monday Context Clues (FREEBIE included!) by Crafting Connections!

R.A.C.E. Response to Text Strategy - FREE Printables!

Response to Text Strategy. This helps with seeing how and where you got the answer. like a second check.

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules

Teaching Comma Rules

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules,This anchor chart has cute graphics and easy- to- understand points.

Types of Writing and Writing Process charts!

Writing Process Charts and Checklists

Do your students have a hard time remembering the writing process steps? These charts are perfect for student notebooks and/or your classroom wall to help

Constructed Response using ROPE

The Resource Room Teacher: Five for Friday I like this strategy better than RACE because i feel like if you use RACE the kids will just "race" through their work and not really do what they are supposed to do.

Foolproof Essay Conclusion Tricks -- I love this blog! I needed her as my teacher when I was growing up. She makes everything so memorable.

Foolproof Essay Conclusion Tricks -- use this visual image (and web link) to help you write a powerful conclusion.

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