Cristina Troufa

Amo-te" (I love you) SOLD Painting by Cristina Troufa

"Amo-te" (I love you) /Cristina Troufa/ Portugal (via Saatchi Online Artist: Cristina Troufa;

Cristina Troufa

A paixão tem um fado #2" Painting by Cristina Troufa

Crawfurd Adamson I charcoal & pastel / I think this composition is really strong due to the mid tone of the paper and then the pastel colours and charcoal being layered over the top; I also think that the pastel colours are quiet bright and they pop out against the paper. The figure has also been well grounded because the drawing doesn't show what the model is actually sitting on.

Crawfurd Adamson I charcoal & pastel Another beautiful example of how differing colors can create an image for us. This shows how light and dark outlines can make a familiar spectacle for us

Saatchi Online Artist: Cristina Troufa; Acrylic, 2012, Painting ""Divine""

Divine" Painting by Cristina Troufa

Cristina Troufa I find I enjoy paintings where a lot is left incomplete for the viewer to fill in. Cristina Troufa did this beautifully.

Interesting attempt of a homage paid to the famous artist Francis Bacon by artist Robert Bubel. Oil Pastel, 2012, Painting "'For F.Bacon. The nude'"

red-lipstick: Robert Bubel (Polish, b. Zarki, Poland) - For F. The Nude, 2012 Painting: Oil Pastel on Paper

Martine Johanna Fashion illustrations

From her show entitled "The grand illusion of sanity", dutch painter Martine Johanna offers a series of surreal works that are lovely and enchanting.