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Anti-ALEC comments

Since the American Legislative Exchange Council seems to be deleting comments against them so quickly on their Facebook page, I thought it'd be good to create a nice one-stop shop of what folks have been saying AGAINST the organization.

Anti-ALEC comments

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"ALEC stands for greed and control"

Five More Corporations Abandon The ‘Bill Mill’ ALEC

How an #ALEC bill becomes a law. #alecexposed

#ALEC member hemorrhage continues.

"ALEC is an enemy of liberty" #alecexposed

Johnson & Johnson has officially left #ALEC!!

"This year the Amazon shareholder meeting is going to be different. We have so many folks inside we are 1/3 of the shareholders." #alecexposed #dumpalec #amazon

"ALEC seems to be focused on the destruction of America"

"Courting ALEC is not good public policy'

In response to an op-ed by ALEC's chair, "ALEC has the audacity to claim to be against "big government" yet they draft laws that restrict our basic rights!"

The guarantee of free speech does not make ALEC "safe from the ramifications of [their] rhetroic and actions."

ALEC wants "to OWN the People's Government and the Republicans are helping them by trying to sell off large chunks of it to FOR PROFIT Corporations! "

"if I was ALEC and I wanted to fight my opposition I would do two things" take away the voting rights of people who would likely oppose me and then legalize killing them just in case of an uprising.

"ALEC - Sponsoring legislation to kill your customers."

"ALEC has meddled in the legislative process for too long."

"Citizens standing up to make their voices heard does NOT translate to trying to silence ALEC."

Looks like #ALEC is flailing - they've "met the invisible hand and it's not quite working out." They put an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today.

Where #ALEC sees success, a citizen sees "hogwash" as Nevada has been "devastated by the recession"

"More devisive unsustainable strategies"

NYT comment: Everyone needs to unite against #ALEC, which "is a group that supports a further seperation of classes, restrictive laws on women, voter supression laws against minorities and laws like stand your ground in Fla."

NYT comment: Why do state legislators allow themselves to be lead around by organizations like #ALEC or the #NRA?

Facebooker says #ALEC has "decades of intimidating the nation via [their] cookie cutter legislation and bought-and-paid-for legislators"

"How much are the Koch brothers paying you?"

How is union busting not intimidation? is #ALEC even concerned?