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lol Stefan is always sad or crying

This is so true though whenever he is talking to Elena he's like I'm gonna cry cus I love you and I miss you and I want to be with you and I'm not right now so I'm sad

I don't think we agree, but I think we can agree that it's funny someone created this meme. :)

The true reason we watch Gossip Girl

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The Vampire Diaries Cast - Comic Con Besides the fact that I don't like Kat Graham really. OH i miss bonnie on TVD

Nate and Serena

Nate and Serena

Viele Frauen klagen über ein und dieselbe Problemzone: ihre Oberschenkel. Das gilt besonders für die Innenseiten der Beine, wo sich gerne hartnäckige Fettpölsterchen ansammeln. Da helfen nicht nur Cardio-Training und gesunde Ernährung, sondern gezielte Übungen, die genau diese Körperstelle straffen.

Fitness Clubs - How They Fullfill Your Fitness Needs - Fitness Training Routine

‘The Vampire Diaries - Salvatore iPhone Case/Skin by kathrynharriss

Serena Van der Woodsen and Henry Bass

Blair does NOT go with Dan. I HATE MEMES. but this is one is great.

My feelings exactly.

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I cried like a baby. Then I cried somewhere.and when the season ended, well I still haven't stopped crying.

This summary of TVD characters’ vocabulary. | 14 Pictures Only "The Vampire Diaries" Fans Will Think Are Funny

This summary of TVD characters' vocabulary.**Bonnie's had me laughing out loud.