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Str8 Against H8

I support gay rights, and oppose any laws, rulings or bigotry against people for being in love. I'm straight, against hate. #gayrights

Str8 Against H8

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I wonder, if bigots even READ words instead of hurling them around...

"I don't know what my son's sexual orientation is going to be and because I don't know, I am about the business of creating a world where he can express himself in ways that are healthy and where he is safe to be who he is." [click on this image to find a short video and analysis that explores North Carolina's marriage amendment and intersectionality theory]

Carole King & k.d.lang - An Uncommon Love

Carole King & k.d.lang - An Uncommon Love

Adoption rights

Texas is alive!

  • Christi Townsend
    Christi Townsend

    It was nice while it lasted. The state supreme court has put a stop to it and AG Ken Paxton is trying to nullify the marriage. One of the brides has ovarian cancer, which is why time was so critical for them. I love my state, hate the politicians, so much.

  • Colleen Shimkoski
    Colleen Shimkoski

    Are you F'ing kidding me?! Do they have absolutely NOTHING better to do with their time than fight those that wish to be together in love? Arggghhhh, so so sorry to hear this.

I support Equality in all forms.

Never forget that this homophobic, racist, sexist, idiotic, shitkicking douchebag assclown actually said this just last year.


"Love is tender and knows no gender" #equality

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A friendly reminder -- "Christians did not create, nor do they own the concept of marriage." #LGBT

Atheist Republic

So much rainbow, almost there!

  • Julie C
    Julie C

    Missouri is getting closer! The ban was found to be unconstitutional, and a couple of counties have issued licenses.

  • Heather L.
    Heather L.

    So happy!

  • Colleen Shimkoski
    Colleen Shimkoski

    It's so nice to know the map is becoming more colorful and equality is being embraced. ♥


'Equality House' Painted For Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Open your eyes and your hardened heart.

A 90 year old lesbian couple. They’ve been together for 65 years! Now that is love. “ After 65 years, these two women just keep on “enjoying each other’s company.” How many “straight couples” have been together through 12 different presidential administrations? Carey Leto, 90, and Venera Magazzu, 92, now living together in Tampa, Fla., will celebrate their 65 year old relationship this summer with a trip back to New York City, where their union began.”

How to explain marriage to children.

Explaining Gay Marriage | Fowl Language Comics

A Happy Family

Current "Really Gay T-Shirts" For sale ♥ | Facebook
  • Brittany M
    Brittany M

    They have such a beautiful family! Those are two lucky kiddos no doubt.

  • Angela Lux
    Angela Lux

    In my world it already is!

I will forever be a straight ally for LGBT rights to stand up for my friends.

Why I'm a straight ally! - Amplify

Gay Rights Quotes | Source: dontrusthese-bitches )

"Gay, straight, or otherwise." YES!

I support equality in the name of love. #gayrights

Everyone has a right to love and happiness. #equality

  • t

    You are awesome!

No judgment here!

PFLAG (parents, families friends of lesbians and gays)

Equality, how it's done.

32 Gay Pride Pictures Everyone Should See