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Str8 Against H8

Thanks for following me! Pin Away / No Limits! I support gay rights, and oppose any laws, rulings or bigotry against people for being in love. I'm straight, against hate. #gayrights #lgbt
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You may want to consider it. <- But seriously. My profile is a no judge zone. You hate on people on my pins? I block you. You just expressing your opinion (as long as it's not offensive)? Fine. You gay? Bi? Black? White? Honey, I don't care. You are still people.


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Human, LGBT+ | Art Print

This is an example of different pride flags and how regardless of how a person identifies they are still human.


Human, LGBT+ by fc13empire

I've often said, the most important people in the fight for LGBT equality are our straight allies. Share this if you are one of them.


George Takei - Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos - Clown Cravattino | Facebook