This appears to be a concept sketch and it is easier to distinguish the different ideas that the architect is trying to convey through the markers, the fineliners and the variety in line weight.

Handmade patterned wallpaper WISTERIA WV-100 Paul Montgomery Studio

☆Traditional wallpaper / floral / animal motif / chinoiserie - BIRDS IN THE SHADE : - Paul Montgomery Studio

last week i hung some pictures in our apartment. Anton has lived there since 2010 and i moved in a few years ago – and till last week there were hardly any pictures up. which is crazy, right? considering how much i love art and surrounding myself with it. i guess it’s harder when there …

François Henri Galland

Helen Seated  Mark Demsteader

Mark Demsteader is one of the most popular and influential figurative artists in Britain today, Mark's drawings have a sensitivity and an unfinished quality that make them powerful, enigmatic and stunning

yuko someya

mrkiki: “ Yuko Someya I am Afraid Time Comes When Roses to Whither, 2010 watercolor, pencil, lithograph ink, japanese paper on canvas mounted on wood panel 59 x Inches VIA ”

womeninarthistory: “Romel de la Torre ”

Artist: Romel de la Torre (b. pencil on toned paper {figurative art beautiful female head woman face portrait drawing