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Our guide to the New Zealand beach for kids (and adults) who like the beach.

At the Beach: explore and discover the New Zealand seashore by Gillian Candler, illustrated by Ned Barraud. Winner of the Elsie Locke Medal for non-fiction in

A small boy and his Nan discover a whale (Wēra) on their local beach and call on their community, who help comfort and refloat the whale at high tide. Everyone helps to return Wēra, from 80-year-old Nan and her 8-year-old grandson Tama, to Sally from the Department of Conservation and the workers at the cheese factory

See The whale savers : returning Wēra to the ocean in the library catalogue.

:( we need to stop producing such rubbish!!

Plastic never disintegrates. It stays on our earth forever, polluting our water, killing species, and ruining our way of life.

Trees Are Way More Powerful Thank You Think - Infographic

Trees & The Environment: Why Our Life Depends On Them [Infographic] – Greener Ideal

The Plastics Breakdown: An Infographic | One World One Ocean

The Plastics Breakdown: An Infographic Worldwide plastic pollution in the ocean is hard to get a grip on. Here it is on one visually pleasing page.

RESEARCH ☠BP☠ THE LARGEST OIL SPILL IN HISTORY -What BP Doesn’t Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill -An agonizing 87 days passed before the BP oil spill was finally sealed off. According to US government estimates, 210 million gallons of Louisiana sweet crude had escaped into the Gulf, making this disaster the largest unintentional oil leak in world history.  ~

An agonizing 87 days passed before the BP oil spill was finally sealed off.