Wallace Farms

Wallace Farms

Keystone, IA & Naperville, IL  ·  Safe, sustainable, hormone-free, humanely-raised, pesticide-free food. We don't just raise grass-fed beef. We raise families! Farm Direct in Iowa & Chicago. Nic
Wallace Farms
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Springer spaniel Jess is a great helper for her owner on a farm in the UK. Three times a day the dog brings milk to orphaned young lambs, and then feeds them with a bottle. Jess has been trained to nurture lambs from an early age and her owner says that it would be hard without Jess' help on a farm with 270 sheep

THE SPRINGER SPANIEL AND HIS LAMB This picture could stop wars. Jess the spaniel’s owner taught the dog to feed lambs with a bottle, and now the dog has totally taken over lamb-feeding duties. World peace!

Goats rule.

likes this photo of one of a small herd of weed clearing goats in USA

These are great! Best Grassfed Beef Recipes.

My kids scarfed them down! I did not grill them, I fried them in a cast iron skillet inside because it was too cold and windy outside to grill. Best Burger Recipe - Recipe for Beef Burgers - Grass Fed Beef Recipes

Goats rule: Exhibit A.

tree climbing goats Have you ever seen tree climbing goats? Apparently goats on the trees is a common thing in Morocco. Moroccan goats get on the high on top of argan trees to reach fruit they love that is similar to olives.