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modern farmhouse bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor Girls bathroom idea

Love it! - perfect for kids room and/or game room if you have such a commodity

Blik Pac-Man Wall Decals

At GeekAlerts we love retro arcade gaming, as well as cool home decor. That's why we love these brand-new Blik Pac-Man Wall Decals. They come in 3 varieties: Pac-Man Ghost (picture above, and my favorite), Pac-Man Border (an

awesome Adopt The Unconventional Steampunk Decor In Your Home... by

Adopt The Unconventional Steampunk Decor In Your Home

Old world map --- thinking of this for my right upper arm sleeve --- all the way around --- worn, faded colors --- with a compass at the bottom with no needle:

This Mario wall mural is amazing. They painted it by hand using a projector. @Steff L this made me think of you. (Were you going to do Z's room Mario themed?)

A Gamer's Wall Mural Takes On a New Dimension

that wall though.

21 Cool Tips To Steampunk Your Home

I love EVERYTHING about this room from the lamp that reminds me of my daddy's office to the comfy cognac leather couch, to the awesome trunk as coffee table and storage and the freakin' amazing world map wallpaper!

Golf Garage  Now this homeowner can take a golf vacation without leaving home. His garage was converted into a high-end golf practice area and lounge. The space includes a virtual-reality driving range with a curved wall, a media center and a sports storage area for all of his clubs and golf gear.

Awesome Rooms From Man Caves

I would LOVE this. But only if it were in Football and/or Baseball Golf Themed Man Cave

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rubiks coffee table

Clinker Truffles

How to make a Rubik's cube coffee table. Seems like a cool place to store all your board games. Sweet place to hide electronics. Good for kids game room

love love this!!!!!

If baby decker is a boy. Possible super mario.Super Mario Bedroom- I don't mind the blue stripes for the walls


Cool Mario Themed Room Design for Kids - What you still remember a game that could boom in the Yeea. Super Mario Bros, he is a figure plumber with a

DIY Tetris Shelves — Instructables | Apartment Therapy

DIY Tetris Shelves — Instructables

So cool for a kid& room! Hicks Custom Furniture has created an informative tutorial on Instructables that shows how they built a wooden set of Tetris shelves inspired by the video game.

modern farmhouse bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor

Make Your Own FARMHOUSE Bathroom...Yourself!

Light fixture for boys bathroom.modern farmhouse bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor

Mario Room

Super mario bedroom ideas, Super Mario Luigi Yoshi Theme Decal for Kid's Bedroom Wall Decor. wide selection of Super mario bros kids' furniture within our ki.

Community Post: Arcade Button Light Switches.

Arcade Button Light Switches

Games development strategies. Ideas to creating cool projects. No one way is the definitive way but some are better than others. game room

Funny pictures about Console Cabinet From Ikea. Oh, and cool pics about Console Cabinet From Ikea. Also, Console Cabinet From Ikea photos.