If wall space was unlimited...

I obsess over which postcards make the final cut when travelling, picking posters when living in a tiny flat breaks me! One day I will have acres of walls to cover.
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Mondo Poster Premiere: Kevin Tong's Gorgeous 'Mulholland Drive' | Movie News | Movies.com

thefilmstage: “ A pair of new Mondo posters for David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive by Kevin Tong. Pre-order the Criterion Blu-ray on sale.

romancing the railways .. X ღɱɧღ ||

Prohaska, Ray ~ Century Limited, 'New York to Chicago Overnight' - New York Central System vintage poster, 1941

'Light' by @jasonlimon. Find out more about Jason and see more of his wonderful art at wowxwow.com (narrative, creatures, character design, mystery, skull, surreal, pop surrealism)

Artist: Jason Limon Title: Light Process: Acrylic on Panel Size 5 in x 7 in Year: 2015


fall ride…

Bicycle Graphic Design — cadenced: Fall Ride is an Ajda Fortuna designed.

David Bowie - I had a pair of red penny loafers in the 80's - sang this song every time I wore them!

Put on your snazzy red shoes and dance the blues. But first gotta buy a pair of red shoes.

A Cinematic Love Letter to the Wilderness and John Muir’s Legacy

A Cinematic Love Letter to the Wilderness and John Muir’s Legacy

This series celebrates the tradition of literary naturalists—writers who embrace the natural world as the setting for some of our most euphoric and serious.

Mab Graves

Moleskine sketchbook bat girls = the payoff for long nights. I'm struggling with painting a little these days because of the intense focus it requires but when it's just me a paper and a pencil I'm all good by mabgraves