Pokemon #anime

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Wow this evolution process is insanely detailed O.O ... I wish this was actually how they evolved in the games :(

Eevee "evolving" into Sylveon! Lol it's like a sailor moon transformation XD

Pikachu wearing Ash's hat

In this cute anime cute wallpaper, we see a cute pikachu wearing cute red's cute hat. Basically all categories of cut

Pokemon The Manga Characters <3

dude, this is like the greatest thing ever. So many shipping possibilities BluexGreen RedxYellow GreenxSilver GoldxCrystal YellowxBlue CrystalxSilver GoldxYellow Gold is fantastic

Brendan/Ruby he is so stinking adorable!! Ruby to me; and he's actually awesome.

Pokemon Ruby was my game growing up and I so stinking love it! Brendan/Ruby is still my fav pokemon character