origami birds

Ponte Vedra Wedding by Brooke Images

Origami Crane Hanging Decor - Flex your origami muscles and create a fantasy collection of floating paper birds! OR have all the guest makes cranes as a take-away.

Wet Fold Origami Technique Gives Wavy Personality to Paper Animals by Artist Hoang Tien Quyet http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/05/wet-fold-origami/

Wet Fold Origami Technique gives Wavy Personalty to Paper Animals by artist 'Hoang Tien Quyet' (rooster-big)♥༺❤༻♥

Make. Believe.: Origami Boat

A friend's son was turning 4 and she asked if I would make some Origami Boats that the kids could float down a little stream where the pa.

Make. Believe.: Rabbits / Easter Bunnies

A warren of rabbits

Make. Believe.

Make. Believe.

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