rothko - no 37 (1956)

'Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks' - Mark Rothko quote Painting: No 37 by Mark Rothko

Audrey Hepburn by Andy Warhol

Audrey Hepburn by Andy Warhol subject matter- Audrey Hepburn a famous actress. Style - pop art movement (Andy warhol is a famous artist of the movement)

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Mark Rothko - Title and date proving difficult to track down, any help gratefully received.

Use of chromatic grays to create a dreary and rainy atmosphere. The contrast of the white and red bring attention to the woman in the foreground and allow her to become a more noticeable subject in an other wise muted painting.

Andre Kohn [Image: Painting of a woman in a red dress and black heels carrying a white umbrella and walking down a rainy street. The other figures in the background are painted in browns and greys to.

Mark Rothko. (I'm not even a "blue" person and I absolutely love this one)

abstract art- I see the colors of the ocean and the sky in this one.almost like the most minimal depiction of a day at the beach

Andre Kohn! AWESOME!

Artist: Andre Kohn {contemporary red figurative female woman posterior back texture painting}

Use of chromatic grays to create a dreary and rainy atmosphere. The contrast of the pure red gives life to the painting.

This painting by Andre Kohn reminds me of my own carefree, childhood days. Kohn is a figurative artist originally hailing from Russia. He primarily paints with oils but from time-to-time, will switch to mixed media paintings.

Mark Rothko

Page: Artist: Mark Rothko Completion Date: 1950 Style: Color Field Painting Genre: abstract painting

Edward Hopper Paintings 76.jpg

Edward Hopper, Automat, Oil on canvas, 28 in × Des Moines Art Center. This week a reader sent me a copy of "How to Feel Miserable As An Artist." This marvelous list was created by illustrator Keri Smith and

favorite edward hopper painting

Edward Hopper Cape Cod Morning painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Edward Hopper Cape Cod Morning painting is available at custom size.


Edward Hopper Early Sunday Morning, 1930 Oil on canvas 35 × 60 in × 153 cm) Whitney Museum of American Art