NAGAOKA City / 花火、スポ一ツ、季節の写真etc.
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#Asano Inio

Amazing line drawing showing light on a City road in Japan by Asano Inio.


I am so fascinated by backgrounds drawings like these! They are so beautiful and I will be able to draw this well one day :)

De très beaux dessins, site à voir et à revoir, ambiance japonaise

This drawing explores the use of different line direction through shadow and depth. It uses varying line techniques by drawing them close together or far apart or utilising different line thicknesses.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of my Favorite Cities! San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge "Sailing All Alone" by David Paul Ohmer

Michigan's Mackinaw Bridge, January 19th, 2012

Mackinaw Bridge or the Mighty Mac that connects upper and lower Michigan in the winter.{the Mackinaw bridge is beautiful but I always am usually freaked out when we drive across.