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Spring Inspiration

We're taking part in the Red Bull 'Can you make it?' competition? We have 7 days to get from Milan/Paris to Berlin without spending any money and bartering with Red Bulls!

Spring Inspiration

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Milan! Our potential start destination (could be Paris, yet to be confirmed). Still yet to work out exactly how we're going to get from here to Berlin with no money. None of us speak Italian!

Berlin! Our final destination, fingers crossed me make it! Seven days and no money to get there.

An explanation of how the Red Bull 'Can you make it?' competition works!

This is our video we filmed as part of our application to 'Red Bull We Can Make It' competition (April 4th - 11th). It was early and cold but worth it!

We're taking part in the 'Red Bull Can You Make It?' competiton - April 4th-11th. In a nutshell, starting from either Paris or Milan, we have 7 days to hitchhike across Europe, via 6 checkpoints, to Berlin. The catch is that any kind of money is forbidden - we can only use cans of Red Bull to pay for our transport, food, drink and shelter! This is our team page. A lot of the scoring for this competition is done via social media and so please like our page is scores us points!!!!

Red Bull Can You Make It? - Team "Warwick Bulls"

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