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Mikal Mitchell
Mikal Mitchell
Mikal Mitchell

Mikal Mitchell

  • South Carolina USA

South Carolina

That should do it.....

Couldn't have said it any better. Be a classy lady and know when to let go and move on. No one is or ever has been in competition with you so it's actually pretty hilarious to me that you call me the "runner up." And certainly, no one is jealous or wants to be you. I don't know you but you come off as a bitter, mean individual. My life is great and it's MY life which has nothing to do with you. Get over yourself, have some self respect and move on.

Indian Bidjar Oriental Rug

Taco Pasta -- pasta, seasoning, cream cheese, shredded cheese, ground beef, etc.

He said he stands with muslims...Why would anyone be surprised that he wouldn`t protest againt them? His absence in Paris just confirms what he has already said...

Love the moulding hiding the curtain rod!!

Good for you girls! Keep standing up for God and He will protect you.

Love the complimentary orange and blue! Carnelian with blue and padparadscha orange quartz, faceted for maximum sparkle! With an antique Saint Martin de Porres medal. DIVINE!