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9 Books That Are So Much More Than the Next 'Gone Girl'


"The Silent Wife"---I'm NOT Much of a Novel Reader, But This Psychological Thriller Kept Me Turning Pages Into the Night!! Read In Two Days, Between Getting Ready For Christmas, Harrison Has Written a Thriller For The Ages!! I Loved It...You Know Who Dies From Page Ten, But You HAVE To Know The Whole Tale...and Some Story It Is!! 5 Big Stars...Must Read Book!!

This Year’s “Gone Girl”?


If you like The Hunger Games... Book Recommendations

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“It was beyond description.” - Dr. Eben Alexander explains that he has proof that heaven exists in his best-selling book. Read more here!

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A most fantastic book that I've read more than a few times. It's honestly one of my very favorite books.

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Crossfire Novel

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Sandra Ames

The Hunger Games

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Dean Koontz... he has no bad book

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Great book

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Seems like a good book

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