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GED Useful Study Websites
Also has math resources
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Literacy Links
Lots of different links
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Education Oasis
Has graphic organizers, math resources, grammar tools, and reading and writing resources (probably better for advanced learners)
the logo for the okahoma education center
Reading and Literacy Resources
Reading and Literacy Resources for all levels
a group of people in graduation caps and gowns sitting next to each other at a ceremony
GED/HSE Test Information
the power of handouts is written on a piece of paper with an image of a teddy bear holding a sign
Student Handouts
Graphic organizers, American history resources, math games, reading-related games, math resources, and writing resources for all levels.
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Adult Literacy Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
Reading, writing, speaking, and listening resources for learners at all levels.
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Resources for tutors such as graphic organizers, reading-related games, and math worksheets as well as grammar, literature, reading and writing, and listening related resources for all levels.
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Math Archives
Has lots of links to math resources
an open book with the words, tema 13 and 4 on top of it
Has lots of links to math resources
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Math Worksheets | K-8 Math Resources for Teachers - has math resources and games
the words math resources are surrounded by school supplies and stars, such as scissors, rulers, and other items
Cut the Knot
Has math resources and games
four numbered numbers are shown with the number 4 on each one and the number 3 on the
Discipline: Mathematics
Annenberg Learner - Mathematics - has math resources
an image of a computer screen with a graphing tool in the foreground and another line on the right side
Resources for Teaching Mathematics
Classroom Aid - Resources for Teaching Mathematics - has links to lots of resources
a desk with books and an apple on top of it that says, math resources
Maths Resources: A Collection of Maths Goodies
Maths Resources: A Collection of Maths Goodies - has math resources and games