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WIGS Memes

WIGS Memes

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We're so excited to celebrate 2 years of WIGS! Thanks to all of our amazing talent and fans for making it possible! #watchwigs

Fan Poll: Which WIGS series was your first? Watch them all on

  • Kat M.
    Kat M.

    Blue was my first. I watched Jan after that.

  • Itzi LLamas
    Itzi LLamas


  • Camara Price
    Camara Price


  • TheMindBehindTheLens

    Jan! Been there from the start :D

  • Mary Creamer
    Mary Creamer


We're excited to announce that "Blue" is returning for a 3rd Season! Next week, Julia Stiles, Uriah Shelton, Brooklyn Lowe, and many of your favorite "Blue" stars (as well as some new faces) return to WIGS to begin production on Season 3. Make sure to follow along on WIGS social media sites (such as our new "Blue" Twitter account: for photos, updates and exclusives from set! #BlueS3 #watchwigs

Are you following Blue on Twitter yet? #BlueonWIGS #watchwigs

Have you seen all episodes of Susanna yet? If not, watch now: #watchwigs

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Blue certainly gets herself into some awkward situations. Watch both seasons on #watchwigs

Did you know that both seasons of Blue are now available on Hulu? Watch now: #watchwigs

Who remembers which series this quote is from? Click through if you need a hint! #watchwigs

"I accept the apology for whatever it was that you apologized for" - Blue Watch Julia Stiles in "Blue" now: #watchwigs

This is the first glance at the "Lauren" Season 2 script! How excited are you all to see #TroianBellisario back on WIGS? Watch season 1 here:

"Sometimes I have these daydreams about having a more normal life." Watch Blue's not-so-normal Season 2. #watchwigs

Some of WIGS's best stories are true. WATCH Mama's story here:

Can you spot the differences between these two photos of Jan's apartment? DON'T put the answers in the comments, but DO tell us how many differences you found! We'll reveal the answers later this week! #watchwigs

  • Hannah Rae Fuller
    Hannah Rae Fuller


  • WIGS

    Hannah Rae Fuller so close! There are actually 8 differences. See if you can spot the last one!

This is Christine's advice for a first date. Do you have any first date advice? #watchwigs

Christine | Ep. 1 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

Oh Michael, you're so considerate. #michaelchall #holidays #watchwigs

Did he just mix up her name, or is there something else going on here? Watch Kendra now to find out: #watchwigs

Join the Mile High Club with Blue on Virgin America! This holiday season, "Blue" will be available for free on Virgin America flights in the US and Mexico. If you're flying Virgin soon, be sure to send us photos of your in-flight encounter with Blue. Check out the YouTube blog for the official announcement: #watchwigs

Ah, young love. #watchwigs

Some of our stars were naughty this year. Maybe they'll be nice next year... #watchwigs