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Mothers We Honor

Honor Your Mother. Honor Another. - Honor your mom or another special woman in your life this Mother's Day. You will transform the life of another - forever.

Mothers We Honor

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Glass ceilings aside, millions of women are prohibited from accomplishing little more than survival. Not because of a lack of ambition, or ability, but because of a lack of safe water and adequate sanitation. It is estimated that women and children spend 140 million hours each day collecting water. For these reasons, looks forward to the day ‪#‎everymom‬ has access to safe water. | | #everymom

We look forward to the day ‪#‎everymom‬ has access to safe water. With pleasure, we share the story of Sabina who is a mother and a farmer in Kenya. Through she has a rain catchment tank on her property, a solution that has changed the way of life for her family. | Read her story: | #everymom

To the people of this world who do one of life's toughest jobs, Happy Mother's Day. | | The dignity and strength of women around the world is astounding - in celebration of Mother's Day, watch the inspiring stories of three mothers who broke the cycle of poverty, and forged a path to water. | VIDEO

Celebrating moms in Bangladesh #mothersday

Three Mothers, Three Stories (Narrated by Jodie Foster)

Continuing our celebration of moms around the world. We love this photo from India.

Breathing Easier in India - Mrs. Thangaponnu suffers from asthma and was having a hard time fetching water. She needed her children to miss school in order to collect water for the family. Happily, this has all changed.

Breathing Easier in India

This week we're celebrating moms around the world. Join us!

A Toilet Brings Honor

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! This card comes with a donation to WATER.ORG — Parwathy

Happy Mother's Day!!!! In honor of the four of us, I am donating $100 to change the lives of 4 people, by helping deliver them clean water for life... Enjoy your many blessings! Love, Sara — Sara

for Ethan You will grow up and live in a world with all the water you will ever need or want. Because that is not true for all children born the same year, I am giving money in your name. Hope the year you turn 21, things will be different. — Mary G

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom who has always been there for me especially when I became a Mom myself! I am lucky to have a Mom that is also a good friend. Happy Mother's Day Mom! - Tracy — Tracy

ALWAYS listening, ALWAYS there for me. You remind me of who I am. You shape me, encourage me, love me unconditionally; you are the strongest person I know. I am amazed by you & so so grateful to be YOUR DAUGHTER. Thanks for all u ARE & do. I LOVE U!! — Erin

Dear Grandma Momo, We love how you laugh all the time and make us laugh too! You always send us thoughtful gifts, even for the little holidays. Thank you for thinking of us. Happy Grandmother's Day! Love, Ben and Sam — Keith, Jenn, Ben and Sam

Happy Mother's Day - we made a donation on your behalf to — LARRY

Everyone deserves to have a mother like you. I can't even imagine what people have to love through to have anything less that what I have. You are the best mom to me and your are the best Grandma to my little man. I love you! Happy Mother's day! — Marisa

Thanks mom for teaching me how to enjoy being a mom, how to have fun being a parent and to always help others. These lessons have made motherhood such a joyful thing for me. Love you, Mom! — Diana

Dear Nana Helen, Happy Mother's Day. We have given a donation in your honor to to help bring water to families who don't have access to it. We love you and appreciate all you do for us. All our love, Chris, Herb, Phoebe and Olivia XO — Christine

Happy Mothers Day, Mom! This little yellow violet reminded me of learning to discover moments of beauty from you. With love and gratitude, Kathleen — Kathleen

Martha, ¡Feliz día de la madre! Se dicen que el amor de una madre es el combustible que hace que un ser humano logre lo imposible. Creo que esta frase aplica a ti. Este año quiero dar un pequeño regalo en tu nombre en apoyo de otra mujer. Abrazos — Peggy T

Love you mom, thought this would be a nice gesture, and something you would appreciate. — Melinda

Happy Mothers Day to the Best Mom I know.41 — Matt

Dear Grammy Sue, Thanks for your thoughtfulness always. We love to play games with you! Happy Mother's & Grandmother's Day! Love, Ben & Sam — Keith, Jennifer, Ben, and Sam