Outdoor Showers

Some awesome outdoor showers for inspiration
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the inside of a bathroom with a glass shower stall and tiled floor, along with plants
Davis indoor outdoor shower
This is paradise... imagine waking up and walking into this garden shower to wake you up? Would make any Monday a vacation
an outdoor shower on a wooden deck next to a white house with blue and green towels
403 Forbidden
Cool outdoor shower system.
an outdoor shower with wooden flooring next to a white wall and black tiled walls
outdoor shower to suit indoo bathroom ?
a tree that is in the middle of some rocks and water spouting from it
Ultimate outdoor shower! Need this for whatever house I own that is near water
an image of a bathtub in the middle of a room
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other
outdoor shower/bath
a large bath tub sitting in the middle of a lush green forest covered bathroom area
Four Seasons Bali
an outdoor shower in front of a brick building with a wooden door and side entrance
Deck Construction in Rhode Island - HomePro
Love this outdoor shower!
an outdoor bathroom with stone walls and flooring next to the ocean in front of it
Street Style & Fashion Tips
Bathroom Trufa by Anton García-Abril
a bed sitting under a cave next to a window
a hammock hanging from the side of a window next to a body of water
ACQUAPURA | Floor standing shower panel By Fantini Rubinetti design Franco Sargiani
Multifunction thermostatic LED #shower column ACQUAPURA by Fantini Rubinetti
a house with a pool in front of it and an outdoor lounge area next to it
14 Design Ideas for an Exhilarating Outdoor Shower
contemporary pool by Beach Chic Design
an outdoor light on the side of a house next to a tree and fenced in area
14 Design Ideas for an Exhilarating Outdoor Shower
traditional exterior by Siemasko + Verbridge
an outdoor shower in the middle of a wooden deck
14 Design Ideas for an Exhilarating Outdoor Shower
modern deck by David Rolston Landscape Architects
a bathroom with a large tub next to a tree and plants in front of the bathtub
Wow-just wow #showers
an outdoor fountain in the middle of a wooden deck with rocks and plants around it
Water Features Direct
Previous pinner suggests: Could easily be made with hollow box uprights, run the water tube through one and the top hollow box with a PVC tube that you drill holes in for the water to run out. Faux paint it to look like copper, really pretty easy.