Reverse the skirt the top colors. Navy and white/cream Timeless #personalbrand #workattire

I like the idea of this outfit, but what is it with the matching shoes / belt / bag? I would make this a linen color skirt and pop it with a mustard yellow or orange bag / belt

Know your shoes

I thought it would be a nice idea to sketch the various types of high heels. So, here is a fairly good selection of the general types of pumps available right now.

bohemian style ♥

Head scarf and maxi dress style from 2001 that I will be sporting this summer. Everything old is new again.

"Business Attire" by makalii on Polyvore

Business Casual -just need to change out the shoes for flats. Can't do high heels plus stilettos would be a little bit of a safety concern at work.