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DIY Funny Pen Holder from Plastic Bottle

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Owning a cell phone means you need to also own cell phone accessories that keep your delicate little tech baby safe and protected. The first things that come to mind are probably study cases that make it impossible for your phone to shatter out of nowhere and portable chargers that actually work on-the-go. Those accessories … Read More

18 DIY Cell Phone Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

This cat planter made from a soda bottle is a perfect craft to make with kids.  I think the spray paint is a fast way to color it - and take less time.

DIY Kitty Cat Planter From A Soda Bottle


Upcycle plastic containers (spray / detergent bottles) into baskets, gift bags, containers, etc. Maybe larger square gallon jugs for holding craft supplies or keeping small things together in the closet, or.