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50 Coolest Memorial Tattoos

Ee Cummings

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memorial tattoo I really like this but with a different saying 3birds would represent my aunt, niece and cousins passing last year

50 Coolest Memorial Tattoos

Deep 3

Ocean Deep

Ocean Fish

The Ocean

Tattoo Piece

Tattoos Ink

Tattoo S

Deep Chalermphol

Deep Threadless

Already pinned, but seeing again, this might be it!

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Colors Xoxo

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My mermaid tattoo, ever scene i was a little girl i loved the water and the sea this tattoo has a big meaning to my life,

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If the wings spread out across the chest, it would be great!

Angel tattoo ideas for women - Tattoos and Tattoo Designs



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Inspi Tattoo

The O'Jays

Love This

Beautiful tattoo- flip sides and this would make a wonderful mastectomy tattoo. Good for scar cover up also. ( )

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Beautiful and vibrant breast tattoo, great for scar coverage, and showing your personality!

Breast Cancer Tattoos | Mastectomy Breast Cancer Tattoo

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phoenix tattoo

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Goldfish Tattoo

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Amazing detail and color work in this fish.

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65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo

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14 Portrait watercolor tattoo

55+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo | Cuded

Gongbi Paintings

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Daphne Tattoo

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Watercolor Tattoos

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Watercolor tree..

Good night, Posterous

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Love this font

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The White Dryad - Original Large Abstract Fantasy Fine Art Mythology Landscape Red Crimson Ruby 30x30 By Elizabeth Pfleeger

Fantasy Fine

Abstract Fantasy

Large Abstract

Dryad Original

Original Large

Mythology Landscape

Art Mythology

White Dryad

Scars Tattoo

i love how you can see a person in this tree, she looks like she's dancing. 30x30 By Elizabeth Pfleeger.

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Google Search

The O'Jays

Love The

The Hip

cherry blossom tattoo design

Cool Tattoo Design Ideas | cherry blossom tattoo design

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Here is a very symmetrical torso tattoo of some Orchids that could be a beautiful post-mastectomy tattoo.

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Stefanie B.

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Watercolor Cherry Blossom

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Cherry Blossom Illustration

lovely paintings by Canadian artist Karin Johannesson

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Mulan Quote Tattoo

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mulan tattoo - This would prob go on my back but a big cherry blossom tree with this quote somewhere or idk yet still deciding -achapps

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"It’s an experience like no other, that I can honestly say but the absolutely amazing thing to me was...there’s no pain after. How is that possible?" -- Pat, after Virgina Elwood designed and applied this beautiful post-mastectomy tattoo. Photo courtesy / P.INK Day 2013 brought together 10 artists and 10 breast cancer survivors to heal with ink. Date: 10/21/13. []

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Post-mastectomy tattoo by Roxx. For Diane as part of the first P.INK Day. Photo courtesy / P.INK Day 2013 brought together 10 artists and 10 breast cancer survivors to heal with ink. Date: 10/21/13. []

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Esther Garcia

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Barn Owl in Autumn, on Breast Cancer Survivor. Very powerful chest tattoo for post mastectomy scar coverage. []

10 Best Tattoos of the Week – April 3rd to April 09th, 2013

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Ondrash Tattoo

Cool owl across chest!

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watercolor tattoo - Google Search

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