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Mike McKee

Mike McKee

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Strength #White and #Gold #Alabaster #sculpture #canyonroad

It's comin' home! Mike McKee recently visited a mine in Utah and brought back some beautiful honeycomb calcite. Can't wait to see what he'll do with it! #santafe #newmexico #art #sculpture #geology #rocks

Honeycomb calcite from the Utah mine Mike visited. Look at that beautiful color! #honeycomb #sculpture #santafe #art

Mike McKee visited a honeycomb calcite mine in Utah. He'll be bringing back some of this beautiful rock, which is said to harvest the same energy as the sun. #sculpture #art #santafe #utah #geology #rocks #magic

This stunning McKee piece is made from Pipestone and is 26” x 15” x 5” in size.

  • J Berkow
    J Berkow

    WOW!!! Totally original and unique Will have to stop in and see it in person if its still there on my next trip!! !

“I build my sculptures on the fly, my decision making being a combine effort of experience as a sculptor, as an artist, and of decision making aimed at creating aesthetically pleasing forms." - Mike McKee

"I put my heart, and my soul, my life experience into every creation, with the intention of creating something beautiful, something amazing, something that I will love.” - Mike McKee

“I have always had a fascination with rocks and minerals. The natural beauty of the polished rocks displayed in stores and used in jewelry was very alluring when I was young. I remember as a child, dragging my mom and dad into every gem and mineral shop we walked by on the plaza, and I was constantly on the lookout when we traveled for new and interesting rocks that I could collect. Learning how to carve stone gave me a happiness I wish to share with the world.” - Mike McKee

“When you spend as much time as it takes to create one of these pieces, you build a relationship with the stone. You fight with it, you tell it your thoughts, and you share your emotions with it. This relationship can be found in every piece I create, with the story changing from piece to piece. I love to create, and it is this love that I wish to put out there to share with the world.” – Mike McKee