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Claire | Wayfaring Claire

Washington, DC / A food & travel loving drama queen who loves wine, goat cheese, and dreaming big dreams. Full time recipe creator, travel writer and photographer.
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A 4-ingredient recipe for vegan Basic Almond Cheese that can be enjoyed as is or crumbled on salads, pasta, or pizza.

Best last-minute meal! In 20 minutes, you have scrumptious, secretly healthy noodles! Vegan AND gluten-free.

Healthy Sticky Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal- Easy, delicious and a hit with everyone, this is the perfect breakfast or healthy snack which can be prepped in advance! You'd never believe it's so healthy! {vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free recipe + high protein option!}-

Easy, 10-ingredient vegan potato salad with red potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a tangy garlic-herb cashew sauce! A hearty, healthy, plant-based side.

Quick and easy healthy vegan ramen recipe. How to make vegetarian and vegan homemade ramen with tofu, spinach, and mushrooms.