Your Face Is Fine Button

-Say "NO" to the "Say No to Size Zero" Champaign- Can we look beyond weight and shape? Love each other, applaud each other and stop judging each other? When someone is happy with their own body, they usually don’t feel the need to belittle someone else’s

True more times than not... Women of the world: stop comparing yourself to women that don't exist except in the computer of some "digital artist".


Someone said if we could remove all of the ADD people, the world would be empty of passion and curiosity... who would climb mountains and invent things? It is believed that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison had ADD.

"Let's be clear: A woman's body is not dangerous to you. Her body will not cause you harm. It will not make you do stupid things. If you do stupid things, it is because you chose to do stupid things." ~ Nate Pyle

Seriously. I've often wondered why people still choose to stab as an assault method....I mean,use a BAT, a SWORD...a knife? I'd feel like i'm armed with a friggin happy meal toy.