Testing Pinterest's Group Board Practices - Also trying to help with general Pinterest problems
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Please see comment below. There was too much text to make a pin.

Happy Birthday, Sugar Bush Squirrel...aka Kelly Foxtion (October 20, 2013)!! Thanks for providing us with another great year of fun and entertainment on your Pinterest boards! Have a wonderful birthday! (this is animated...click to see Kelly and Sugar Bush)

Test to see if links are still clickable on Pinterest. They are NOT on another board I am a member of. http://www.pinterest.com/wbnancy/test/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/34340015882495573/

An example of an awful Pinterest experiment with a new look for users' boards. Can you imagine that ugly bar on your profile page? Thanks Ohio's Attic for making a screenshot to show what Pinterest is wasting their engineers' and staffs' time on!

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Warning! Pinterest may be automatically posting your pins onto Twitter or Facebook. I found out the hard way that my most recent public pins went onto Twitter without my knowledge. Make sure the box under your pin is not checked if that is your desire.

Interesting Pinterest fact

How to edit your captions on the "New Pinterest"

Sugar Bush with just a quick note for all of you. I just went to pin something and it said, I think you've already pinned this to one of your boards. And it told me which board. That's FANTASTIC!!!!! Great job Pinterest!!!!!!

Pinterest stress afflicts nearly half of moms, survey says

Everything you need to know about Pinterest. For more #Pinterest tips, follow Pinterest FAQ curated by Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. | #JKLFA | http://pinterest.com/jklfa/pinterest-faq/

Santa's stuck! (experiment to see if this animation shows up 'animating" in the Pinterest feed.)

How to fix your Pinterest Board covers with the New Look.

Any comments or questions?

So all your personal Pinterest Boards are lost, what to do?

Does Pinterest have a limit to the amount of pins on a group board? No. A personal Pinterest account is limited to 100,000 pins. Currently no limit for pins on a group board.

Can Someone Tell If You Have Any Secret Boards By Looking At Your Board Totals? No!

Bookmark! Incredimail web site http://www.incredimail.com/english/splash.aspx

How to delete a user's pin on YOUR group board.

Remember if this happens to you, EDIT the pin!

What can you subscribe to on Pinterest's help pages?

How to add people to a group board when their name doesn't show up among available users.

Bookmark! PinTalk Web Site- http://pintalk.net/

Hi EVERYBODY! Am having a magical & mystical birthday today. All of my wishes have come true! Wanted to share that when I was copying and pasting my 'thank you comment' to all of the Birthday pins for me, I got blocked for spamming! HAHA...Wanted to let all of you know that if you copy and paste a comment you can only do it 3 times before you get blocked. Waiting to see when they let me back in to finish all of my birthday thank you's!!!!!!!!! Lots o' Love from me, Sugar Bush Squirrel