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carne vinha d'alhos

This is a strange recipe. It comes from the slightly strange land of Portugal, consists of pickling then frying pork and comes out look.

Portuguese Stewed Chicken

Portuguese Stewed Chicken Recipe a simple one-pot meal where you literally brown the chicken, pour all of the ingredients into the pot, cover and set the timer. It doesn't get easier than that!


Portuguese Bread Rolls (Papo Secos) These were tasty but perhaps a little bland and could use some salt. They were crusty and huge.

With Love from the Kitchen : Caldeirada / Portuguese Fish Stew

Caldeirada is a very typical Portuguese dish. It is similar to the French dish, Bouillabaisse. It's a type of fish stew cooked with onions.

Azores beef stew

This Portuguese beef stew (molha de carne) takes me back to my youth. It tastes so good and makes the house smell amazing. Be careful, you might not be able to get the neighbours to leave.

back in the day fishing

Not only can they fish, but they can do it wearing a dress or skirt and STILL get the job done!