hilarious!! good use for all those ong necks I have left over...Kunsthandwerk & Töpferei Serfati im Harz

Good use for all those long necks I have left over.Kunsthandwerk & Töpferei Serfati im Harz

Wash tub water feature

Galvanized tub and watering can-Ideas for Homemade Water Fountains. I have the tub now to find the watering can and Gary to make it!

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How to Make Tin Can Garden Art Robots

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Water garden

Love, love, love this: Tea Pot water fountain! Must figure out a way to put this in my garden. I adore the sound of running water in a garden and this is so simple and fantastic!

Heres another really cute way to reuse old cans.    With enough cans, you could even make an army.

DIY Yard Art and Garden Ideas

Too cute! DIY Idea :: recycled tin cans - Tinman decoration (Wizard of Oz Inspired Birthday Party)

Love this rustic water feature out of spare parts! Fence post, bucket, water spiket. ..run a house under & through the fence post

This water feature is the very essence of found object art, made as from a table leg, a rusty bucket and iron remnants, probably from an old buggy. So cute to use in the garden! a circulating pump and you got fountain

Create a fun water feature that adds surprise and appeal to any yard! The materials are inexpensive and readily accessible. Plus installing one couldn't be easier!

Great water feature made from an old watering can, a big bucket, a recirculating water pump, some metal mesh and decorative landscape stone.

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16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

soda can garden art. This is a great GREEN project for earth day crafts. Gonna have to start collecting cans. I don't even drink soda.

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would love this for my new flower garden Combining tipsy planters and garden fountains - this is AWESOME - a galvanized tipsy planter with central fountain feature (watering cans are SUPPOSED to pour water, right?) I love love LOVE this idea!

Ironing-Board Lady    6' 3" tall.  Made from an ironing board, other found objects, hardware, paint and flowers.

yard art made with an ironing board and other random objects. What a great idea for all the old ironing boards.


vintage Galvanized Tubs and Watering Can water fountain, soooo cute! I love buckets!