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    Autism in the Classroom

    The best resources for educators to teach and reach students with autism.

    Autism in the Classroom

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    Brilliant! Calm Down Spot? Rain Bottle -fill a dry empty bottle with a box of toothpicks. Add rice (uncooked) to the bottle leaving an empty space of about 1 1/2 inches at the top. Seal the lid. As you gently turn the bottle, the rice falls through the toothpicks, sounding like rain.

    How to make Science/ Discovery Bottles

    10 Strategies for Calming a Child with Autism

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    Triggers for children with Autism & Sensory processing difficulties. As parents - its important to understand how totally over whelming these triggers are. Even the thought of them can cause extreme anxiety. My son is fearful of leaving the house in case he encounters any of these. Even getting a new TV last week, caused extreme anxiety - simply because he thought he would not be able to operate it!!

    Infographic: Triggers for Kids with Autism and SPD


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    Autism | Quotes & Sayings Regarding #Autism

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    DIY tactile/sensory fidgets for classrooms and everyday. Useful for kids with ADHD, Autism and more.

    DIY Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Fidgets for My Little Ball of Energy

    Card activity to teach the social skill of flexibility to kids on (or not necessarily on) the autism spectrum - Free download!

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    Fantastic Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) infographic

    SPD Infographic

    Apps For Autism book from National Autism Resources

    Apps For Autism - National Autism Resources

    What is Autism?

    Autism Infographic - North Shore Pediatric Therapy

    Supporting Language and Communication Through Classroom Engineering by Autism Classroom News: www.autismclassro...

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    fire drills and students with autism

    Fire Drills and Students with Autism

    Executive function- visual bookmark with information on executive function difficulties for people on the autistic spectrum and strategies to help. A very concise summary

    Executive function

    What autism is-- and isn't.

    34 Things Autism Is -- And 34 Things Autism Is Not

    Yoga is increasingly being used in classrooms across the U.S. to help kids behave and perform better in school. This little tidbit talks about the benefits of yoga for children on the autism spectrum.

    Classroom Yoga Helps Improve Behavior Of Kids With Autism

    Autism Awareness. What are the signs of autism?

    Signs of Autism

    Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs of 2013 - Pinned by Therapy Source, Inc. - #autism #blogs

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    PAINTED PAPER: Georgia O'Keeffe's Poppies, 1st grade

    PAINTED PAPER: Georgia O'Keeffe's Poppies

    Children's books about Autism...Did you know that 1 in 88 children have Autism (according to Autism Speaks)? Chances are that you know someone with autism. Today I’m sharing children’s books about Autism. There were once very few children’s books about Autism. However, more and more quality books are now available. Here are some of my favorites. All which have been published in the last ten years.

    Children's Books About Autism - Growing Book by Book

    Understanding Sarcasm - An important skill for people with Autism and other Social Pragmatic Disorders.

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    Autism - Classroom Schedule Great blog for teaching ideas along with this!

    Empowered By THEM

    A scene for the children's show Arthur that explains in a kid-friendly way how a kiddo with autism sees things.

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    The ABCs of Autism Infographic

    The ABCs of Autism Infographic

    Autism Through the Years

    The 2013 Autism Awareness Challenge