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Financial Literacy and Money Skills

Teachers: Money skills are an important part of the math curriculum and students' future success. Here are some great lessons, activities and ideas for Financial Literacy Month (April) and beyond.

Wants and needs anchor chart

When I Grow Up: Lesson about the relationship between income and careers for elementary school #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Keeping Track of Your Money: Lesson about financial record keeping for middle school #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Protecting Yourself From Risk: Lesson about insurance for high school students #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Planning for the Future: A lesson about financial planning, saving, and investing for high school students #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Ready, Set, Goals: Lesson about setting short and long-term goals for elementary school #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Savvy Spenders: Lesson about smart spending choices for middle school #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Borrowing Bucks: A lesson about loans for high school students #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

What Goes Up Must Comes Down: Introductory lesson about the stock market for high school students #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

Do I Want It or Do I Need It? Lesson on wants vs. needs for elementary school #pathwaytofinancialsuccess #discover #weareteachers

One billion dollars would buy over $300 in school supplies for every U.S. public school teacher. Show us YOUR students' $1 billion math and you could win $3,000 from @H&R Block

Challenge your class to show how big $1 billion is and you could win $3,000 for your classroom from @H&R Block

The Secrets of the U.S. Dollar Bill

I will adapt this idea to show equivalent fractions decimals and percents with money. Great visual aid in the classroom!

The dollar bill explained... kids would think this is so cool!

Special Report: Why Financial Education Matters #weareteachers

Meet 5 Schools That Are Leading the Way in Financial Education #weareteachers

Coins in my Hands! (money song for kids)