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Ok, 'How Animals Eat Their Food' is totally stupid and if I wasn't researching for this segment I would never have paid attention to something this dumb! You know what, over 77 million people disagree with me! You just never know what will go viral -

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This Is The Miley Cyrus Tree Ornament Add-On You Want And Need

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Another day in school…

This is so painfully true... From when I was in school we had a program where homeschoolers could take SAT's with us and whenever he walked in, every stared and he had is own little isolated desk, I felt bad for hi.m, the boys picked on him

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For those cold winter days when you're feeling anti-social HAHA!! I don't know why, but this is HILARIOUS! :)

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good one for prune friends lol...Same with jeans and shoes. | 31 Easy Hacks To Make Your Workday Better- Whoever came up with this is a pure genius, especially in men's bathrooms because they have less stalls than girl's bathrooms