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Enjoy my photos of favorite places in Israel: including the Dead Sea (ים המלח) and Ma'ale Adumim (מעלה אדומים). Visit www.DeadSeaFun.com.

Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat, August 23-26, 2015

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GrooveStock Festival - June 5-6, 2015

Over 100 North American Municipalities to Aid Jordan River Revival Efforts

Holistic Health Weekend Retreat at the Dead Sea - June 25-28, 2015

Deep Inside Eilat's Red Canyon, Ancient Wonders Await

The Tastiest Tourist Attraction in Israel

Camper Tourism Comes to the Dead Sea Area

Israel Chemicals to buy Canada's Allana Potash

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Arava Dance Festival: March 25-27, 2015

Dance for Peace Global Party at Kalia Beach - March 16-17, 2015

Israel, Jordan Sign Historic Plan to Save Dead Sea

Maale Adumim, Israel - Gardens, 06 neighborhood (צמח השדה), birdbath becomes pigeon ice skating rink, 20 February, 2015

Side Trip: Fattal Rock Festival in Eilat - March 19-21, 2015

Ride ATV Desert Buggies in the Negev

Los Angeles Hosts Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition - March 7, 2015

Side Trip: Arad Festival - August 17 - 20, 2015

Nataraj Festival at the Dead Sea, November 12 - 14, 2015

Tamar Festival, September 28-October 2, 2015