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Japan’s Shime coal mine, abandoned for over half a century.

Shime Mine Tower Known to some as the ‘Anti-Zombie Fortress’. It has become a popular destination for haiyako, a fairly recent trend of urban exploration with a focus in abandoned ruins and photography.

The Brave New World of Robotic Pizza Delivery is Almost Here

Customer picking up a delivery, Copenhagen, Denmark. Self-driving ground drones will soon deliver packages, groceries and takeaway food in minutes within a radius of 5 kilometers

Pokémon Go has hit the ground running, breaking game release records and getting people out of the house and onto city streets. This new drone promises to take the game even further, allowing aeria…

Pokédrone allows users to catch out-of-reach Pokémon

Few art experiences short of virtual reality are quite as immersive as entering a tunnel, literally surrounding yourself with an artist’s vision, blocking out nearly all sensory input not rel…

angus muir turns wellington cable car tunnel into a luminous LED landscape

Tunnel Visions: 15 All-Encompassing Explorable Art Installations

designboom rounds up the top 10 art exhibitions we've featured this year.

Double-Helix Bridge Design for Beijing Based on Abstracted Olympic Symbol

federico babina dissects famous floor plans as architectural labyrinths for the series 'ARCHIPLAN', federico babina has realized compositions that abstract the floor plans of some of the most well known architects in the world.

Double-Helix Bridge Design for Beijing Based on Abstracted Olympic Symbol

Spanning China’s Gui River, the San Shan Bridge is supported by the double-helix structure made up of three sets of undulating steel arches that cross above and below the road surface, dipping into the water.

Double-Helix Bridge Design for Beijing Based on Abstracted Olympic Symbol

The San Shan Bridge spans across the Gui River and will be an integral part of the infrastructure program for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing and connects the city center with Zhangjiakou. The english translation of “San Shan (三⼭)” is 3 Mountains

Artist Socks Series: Wear Pairs of Figures from Famous Paintings

‘feetasso’ (pablo is part of the artist sock set by chattyfeet that lets you wear world famous painters on your feet. see the sock line of cheeky characters on

Turn On: Backwards Glances From Famous Monuments

Photographer Oliver Curtis turns his back on some of the world’s most famous monuments, capturing a wholly unexpected side to these familiar cultural icons.

Tunnel of Books: Shelves Wrap Curved Bookstore Walls & Ceiling

The Yangzhou store is the latest interior XL-Muse has created for book retailer Zhongshuge. The studio previously created an oval reading room with stepped shelving for a branch in Hangzhou.

Tunnel of Books: Shelves Wrap Curved Bookstore Walls & Ceiling

Shanghai studio XL-Muse has recently completed Yangzhou Zhongshuge, a library located in Zhen Yuan, China. The designers took inspiration from the stores waterside location, as well as the areas arched bridges.

Beyond Chernobyl: 15 Design Concepts for a Post-Nuclear World

Settlers of Chernobyl: Self-Contained, Fallout-Absorbing City