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Promoting a culture of safety, respect and responsibility for #youth and #families in this digital world - on the #Internet and in #social #media.
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Web 2.0 Classroom

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 2015 -- shocking things airline told our deaf model Nyle DiMarco, our deaf model, asked American Airlines if captions would be shown on their flight movies.

LESSONS/ACTIVITIES K-12 - Financial literacy

This is a GREAT resource of finance lessons that you can fit into your classroom with pre-created lesson plans and activities.

Internet Safety for Kids | uKnowKids

Having trouble understanding the latest “teen speak”? A very cool text-lingo & slang translation engine / dictionary for the parents of digital teens.

Internet safety tip. For the future.

They are preschoolers now. Op-Ed Raising cyber-children -- safely Parents, calling yourself a Luddite is no longer an option.