"I am not a perfect girl, My hair doesnt always stay in place, I spill alot of things and I'm pretty clumsy. But when I think about it and take a step back, I remember how amazing my life truly is, and maybe i like being imperfect Marilyn Monroe.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, A model pauses to regard herself in the grand mirror of the Molyneux atelier, Paris, 1934 tt Glamour, rare is it to stumble upon beautiful images like like.


The model is at the Paris Louvre Metro Station wearing a gray Christian Dior dress. captured by legendary photographer Mark Shaw for LIFE Magazine in - REALLY want one of these coat/dresses

.:1955 Wedding Dress:.

vintage wedding dress, lace, cream, absolutely beautiful dress - 1955 wedding dress, tiny bit before I was born. but it's on the board! Just lovely!


Flapper Style - In the a new woman was born. She smoked, drank, danced, and voted. She cut her hair, and wore make-up. She was giddy and took risks. She was a flapper.

photo Clifford Coffin: March 1950 Model is wearing a cocoa Milan straw sailor hat, banded with grosgrain and jacket of complimentary colors.