Dress Up Your Walkway

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Front garden – using variegated hosta and boxwood. No need for flowers… the foliage creates more than enough interest. Front garden – using variegated hosta and boxwood. No need for…

side of the garage

Before-and-After Garden Makeovers

BEFORE: Unkempt Corner AFTER: Beautiful Backdrop. Hint: Use containers in beds and borders. They're perfect for being able to swap out color in an instant -- and move to fill in any bare spots.

Add Some Style

Smart Side-Yard Solutions

For both low maintenance and aesthetic appeal, a brick pathway is the perfect choice for your landscape. Framing the walkway with low, small shrubs adds a personal touch that gives the path a completed look

Gardening without a garden

Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

Or A pallet garden for a space with no room. Great idea using pallets for a vertical garden. Again, I can imagine herbs!

Add Easy Elegance

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

Front Yard Sidewalk Garden Ideas: Filling beds with low maintenance, easy-care plants, such as these ornamental grasses, including fountain grass (Pennisetum) and blue oat grass (Helictotrichon) Via BHG

All you need to know for growing your own garlic, and all the reasons why you SHOULD grow your own garlic....

5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic. Do you know where your garlic comes from? One of the most important reasons to grow your own is to avoid toxic chemicals and irradiation (that inhibit sprouting and extend shelf life).

In Living Color

Outdoor Decorating Projects

Outdoor Wall Art Add color to your outdoor decorating with a fence covered with suspended flowerpots. It's wall art for your outdoor room.

Grand and Graceful

Landscaping Ideas for the Front Yard

I love color! Ideas for making your yard a brilliant display of color and texture using low-maintenance plants and design ideas.

Create Interest with Curves

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

Front Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas: Add beauty and curb appeal to your front yard with a sidewalk garden. Create Interest with Curves. Curves are much more appealing to the eye than straight lines.

Use Layers in the Garden

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

The white alyssum and purple-leafed lobelia in the front set the stage for taller tulips and butterfly flower, which are in turn backed by society garlic and a wall topped by glowing pink bougainvillea.